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A misdemeanor conviction in the State of Florida may result in up to one year in jail and a $1000 fine for a 1st degree misdemeanor conviction, and up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine for a 2nd degree misdemeanor conviction.

A misdemeanor conviction may also have long lasting effects on your personal life as well. A misdemeanor crime conviction can result in a permanent criminal record that could affect your educational or employment goals.

Higher education organizations and many employers conduct background checks. If your criminal record shows your conviction, employers may decide not to hire you, even though you may be qualified for the position, and schools can be quite selective in who they accept for admittance.


There are occasions when diversion programs may be available to those charged with a misdemeanor, if they accused has not already participated in a diversion program in the last 12 months. With a diversion program, the adjudication is set aside, and ultimately dismissed if the person successful completes all requirements of the diversion program. A diversion program may involve paying the fines, completing a specified number of hours of community service, and all other requirements specified in the diversion program agreement.


A misdemeanor can often be offered in a plea deal as a lessor offense than a felony that the accused is facing. Sometimes a plea deal may also include probation instead of jail time. For someone that is facing a felony with up to 5 or more years in prison, a plea deal of a misdemeanor charge may sometimes be a successful outcome.


When it is impossible to get the misdemeanor charges dropped or dismissed, just as with a felony charge, you should seek the advice and representation of experienced legal counsel to advise you of all of your rights, your legal options, and potential defense strategies to prove your innocence or case reasonable doubt in court to achieve an not guilty verdict.

Experienced legal counsel will examine all evidence against you, review all witness statements, interview these same witnesses or additional witnesses, and put every piece of evidence under scrutiny. The actions of law enforcement and probable cause must also be scrutinized. In short, all evidence but be looked at, no matter how small.

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