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When a minor faces criminal charges in juvenile court, there is not a jury, and there is not a trial. There is a Juvenile Court Judge that determines the guilt or innocence and renders his or her decision relating to what the ramifications will be for the criminal offense.

While the Juvenile Court Judge has wide discretion, there are also statutory guidelines that he or she must follow. The judge may impose two types of sentences in Juvenile Crime Cases:

Probation: If placed on a period of probation, the judge may often include community service, order counselling, order that the child writes a letter of apology, or other stipulations that the judge may lawfully order in relation to the criminal offense in question.

Commitment: When the judge commits to Department of Juvenile Justice sentencing, the judge may order the following levels of risk programs:

A minor child may be tried as an adult in the State of Florida if the State Attorney decides the alleged crime was so severe being tried as an adult is warranted. This typically happens in murder cases or severe bodily injury battery or aggravated battery cases.

First and foremost, it is important to make sure that any juvenile case we handle remains in juvenile court. Regardless id your child's case is in Juvenile court or your child will be tried as an adult, we will aggressively fight for your child's rights,  freedoms, and future.

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